Designed for use by Marines to provide easy access around difficult terrain.

Classification: Personal Utility Device
Role(s): Marine Utility
Production Stardate(s): 2380-present

Section I: Dimensions

Frame: Tritanium Composite
Length: 30 inches
Width: 21 inches (30 inches with vents extended)
Depth: 12 inches (including 4 inch gear sack)
Total Weight: 29.9 lbs (excluding ~7 lbs of normal gear)

Section II: Flight & Power System

Main Lift: (3) Micro-Tractor emitters (65 meter maximum elevation)
Secondary Lift: (1) Antigravity emitter (5 meter maximum elevation)
Max. Lifting Capacity: 300 Lbs
Propulsion: (4) Directional air-jet thrusters for precision control
(1) Booster jet with retractable thrust vents
Power Sources: (7) Saurium/Krellide power packs (for Tractor / AG emitters)
4.5 KG Toddtracium solid fuel (booster / thrust)
Fuel Consumption:
1 kg Toddtracium will lift 300 lbs weight for 3 min. burst

Section III: Operations System

Flight Control: (1) Manual Control pad
-allows operator to manuver the pack.  May be either extendable arm from the pack, or hardwired onto other hand-held device (weapon, tricorder, etc...)
Navagation Computer: (1) Navagational Computer Module
-provides auto stabilization, fuel usage, speed, altitude, orientation, directional control.
-uplinks to operator's helmet HUD for base computer
(w/o helmet there is no commlink available!)

Section VII: Editors Notes

0.5 KG of the Solid Fuel is reserved for a 2 minute (max), powered and controlled (parachute style) descent after departing the dropship. Once within 50 feet from the ground, the primary/secondary lift systems will ensure safe touchdown on land.

Fuel carried can be reduced if deemed necessary or beneficial.