Ournal Class Spacedock Decks

The Ournal series of stations has proved highly successful, but by the 2330's Starfleet faced a new problem. With the increase in technological capability came larger starship designs. The sheer size of the design was far beyond anything previously thought of, a factor which weighed heavily on the minds of the design team. The original proposals called for an all-new station configuration, but the detailed design work for this would have taken at least fifteen years to complete. In order to cut this figure down to as low as possible it was decided to follow the design of the successful Ournal series. The Ournal stations needed considerable re-working of their main docking areas and the doors just to fit the new large ships in. The end result was a larger variation of the station, and Starfleet began to build the new, much larger facilities which would be capable of handling the largest starships.

Decks 1-111 Command/Control, SB Crew Quarters.
Restricted areas in red

Decks 1-10 Communications Array, Upper Sensor Array.
Deck 11 Main Communications, Chief Comm Officer's Office.
Deck 12-13 Main Operations, Starbase CO's Ready Room, Starbase XO's Office, Quartermaster's Office.
Deck 14 Senior Officer's Conference Room, OPS Power Grid, Observation areas.
Decks 15-20 Upper Computer Core (Primary), Star Fleet Administrative Offices.
Deck 21 Emergency Transporters and Lifeboats, Weapons Storage.
Decks 22 General Confrence Room, Transporter Rooms 1-4, Holodecks 1-5 (official use only).
Deck 23 Administrative Offices. (Civilian Director's, SF Command offices).
Deck 24 Administrative Offices. (TF Command and Department offices).
Decks 25-40 Senior Officers' Quarters, VIP Guest Quarters.
Deck 41 Senior Officers' Quarters, Senior Officer/VIP Dining Room, Banquet Room.
Decks 42-70 Junior Officers' Quarters.
Deck 71 Officer's Gymnasium, Enlisted Gymnasium, Holodecks 6-15 (recreational use).
Decks 72-100 Enlisted Crew Quarters.
Deck 101 Science Labs 1-2, Secondary Astrometrics Bay, Medical Bay 1-2.
Decks 102-103 Torpedo and Probe Storage Area, Backup Command Level Computer Core.
Deck 104 Upper Stabilizing Engines (spans 104-105), Upper Phaser & Torpedo Array.
Deck 105 Upper Shield Generators, Upper Impulse Engines (spans 104-105).
Decks 106-107 Command Level Fusion Reactors.
Decks 108-110 Cargo Bays
Decks 111 Shuttle Commander's Office, Pilot Briefing Room/Ready Room, Pilot Lockers.
Deck 111-114 Pilot Quarters, Guest Quarters (visiting crews)

Decks 115-1000 Spacedock Level
Restricted areas in red

Deck 115
Secondary OPS (Battle Center II), Ops Power Grid



Deck 116 Upper Tractor Beam Control, Boatswain's Office. Deck 116-140 Shuttle Bays 1-100. (access via docking bay doors or elevators to outer hull)
Decks 117-120 Fusion Reactors (Dedicated to Spacedock Door Power). Deck 141 Upper SD Level Phaser Banks, Upper SD Level Torpedo Launchers.
Decks 121-140 Replicator Stock Storage (for upper decks). Deck 142 Torpedo Storage, Upper SD Level Shield Generators.
Decks 141-150 Shuttle Repair Area, Emergency Transporters. Decks 143-150 Flight Command Crew and Flight Staff Quarters.
Decks 151-154 Upper Promenede, Observation Decks, Medical Bay 3-5. Decks 151-152 Engineering Support Labs, Emergency Lifeboats, Science Labs 3-10.
Deck 155 Middle Tractor Beam Control, Main Transporter 5-25, Holodecks 16-35 (recreational use). Decks 153-200 Visiting crew quarters.
Decks 156-170 Docking Ports, Power Transfer Conduits (for external ship support) Decks 201-270 Docking Bay Doors, Visiting crew quarters.
Decks 171-180 Fusion Reactors for External Ship Support. Deck 271 Engineering Support Labs.
Deck 181 Emergency Control Room. Deck 272 Emergency Lifeboats.
Decks 182-190 Life Support, Fusion Reactors for External Ship Support. Decks 273-300 Visiting crew quarters.
Decks 191-201 Security Decks, Holding cells for all environments, Weapon Storage, Master of Arms Office, Emergency Transporters. Deck 294 Torpedo Storage, Middle SD Level Shield Generators.
Decks 202-225 Upper waste recycling facilities. Decks 295-299 Middle SB Level Phaser Banks, Middle SB Level Torpedo Launchers.
Deck 226-227 OPS III (Battle Center III), Spacedock Door Control Center, Lower Tractor Beam Control. Decks 300-549 Civilian Quarters.
Decks 228-240 Auxiliary Fusion Reactors (Dedicated to Phaser Systems). Decks 550-577 Impulse engines.
Deck 241-299 Large craft module repair center, Emergency Transporters. Deck 578 Emergency Lifeboats.
Decks 300-500 Cargo bays.
Decks 501-978 Deuterium Fuel Pumps, Fill Ports, Deuterium Storage, Replicator Stock Storage (for middle decks & ships), Auxiliary Fusion Reactors (Dedicated to Phaser Systems).
Deck 979 Torpedo Storage, Lower SD Level Shield Generators.
Decks 980-1000 Lower SB Level Phaser Banks, Lower SB Level Torpedo Launchers.

Decks 1001-1100 Medical Level, Diplomatic Habitat Level
Restricted areas in red

Deck 1001 Main Medical Bay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Counselor's Offices.
Decks 1002-1050 Medical Labs, Hospital wardrooms, Surgical Wards.
Deck 1051 Starfleet Personnel Services, Main Transporters 26-40, Holodecks 36-50 (recreational use).
Decks 1052-1060 Medical Level Engineering area, Medical/Diplomatic Level Fusion Reactors, Life Support, Shield Generators.
Decks 1061-1063 Diplomatic Corps / Judge Advocate General Offices, Court rooms.
Deck 1064 Federation Colonial Affairs, Diplomatic Communications Center.
Decks 1065-1067 Various Corprate Offices, Holodecks 51-60 (Diplomatic/Legal use only), Emergency Transporters.
Deck 1068-1069 Federation Member Offices, Emergency Lifeboats.
Decks 1070-1089 Cultural Embassies, (Cardassian, Breen, Klingon, Romulan, etc..).
Deck 1090-1100 Main Summit Chamber. (capacity 2000+ people)

Decks 1101-1600 Science Level

Deck 1101 Main Transporter Rooms 41-55, Aid station.
Deck 1102 Emergency Life Support, OPS Power Node, OPS IV (Battle Center IV), Shield Generators.
Deck 1103-1106 Torpedo Storage Areas.
Decks 1107-1110 Torpedo Launchers, Phaser Banks.
Decks 1111-1112 Observation Deck (open to arboretum & garden level), Science Labs, Medical Ward.
Decks 1113-1499 Observation Decks, Science Laboratories, Environmental/Biome Labs, Holodecks 61-75 (for Science use only).
Decks 1103-1499 (core) Main Arboretum.
Deck 1500 Middle Sensor Array, Chief Science Officer's Office, Science section head offices.
Decks 1501-1539 Science Level Fusion Reactors, Life Support, Shield Generators.
Decks 1540-1549 Shuttle repair facilities
Decks 1550-1600 (outer "domes") Shuttle bays 101-150.
Decks 1550-1600 (inner core) Main Science Labs.

Decks 1601-2300 Security, Habitat Level, Commerce Level.

Deck 1601 OPS Power Grid, Shield Generators, Transporter Rooms 56-60, Holodecks 76-90 (Security, Tactical use only).
Decks 1602-1605 Torpedo Launchers, Phaser Banks, Tactical Office, Intelligence Offices.
Decks 1606-1610 Torpedo Storage Areas, Security Level Fusion Reactors.
Decks 1611-1640 Main Security Office, Holding cells for all environments.
Decks 1641-1799 Civilian Quarters.
Deck 1800 Medical Bay, Emergency Transporters, Emergency Lifeboats.
Deck 1801 School Room, Education Center, Historical Library, Museum.
Decks 1802-2250 Civilian Quarters.
Decks 2251-2252 Alpha Promenade Level, Public Recreational Holosuites and Holodecks 91-120, Transporter Rooms 61-80.
Decks 2253-2254 Beta Promenade Level, Public Replimat, UFP & Star Fleet services.
Decks 2255-2256 Gamma Promenade Level, Emergency Transporters, Emergency Lifeboats.
Decks 2257-2258 Delta Promenade Level, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants.
Deck 2259 Marine Offices, Holodecks 121-134 (Marine use only).
Decks 2260-2270 Marine Training Grounds (capable of holding 50,000 people if fully opened).
Decks 2271-2297 Marine Decks (Quarters, Mess Hall, Gymnasium, Equipment and Weapon Storage).
Deck 2298 Life Support, Shield Generators.
Decks 2299-2300 Engineering Computer Core (Secondary).

Decks 2301-2324 Engineering Level.

Deck 2301 Transporter Rooms 81-95, Emergency Sickbay, Holodecks 135-150 (Engineering use only).
Decks 2302-2315 Engineering Fusion Reactors, OPS Power Grid, Chief Engineer's Office.
Decks 2316-2325 Auxiliary Fusion Reactors. (Dedicated Phasers and Life Support).
Decks 2326-2350 Deuterium Fuel Storage.
Decks 2351-2370 Maintenance, Maintenance Drone Storage & Repair.
Decks 2371-2380 Engineering Bays, Engineering Labs, Prototype Technology Bay.
Deck 2381 Industrial replicators.
Decks 2382-2384 Environmental Control
Decks 2385-2390 OPS V (Battle Center V), Torpedo Launchers, Phaser Banks, Torpedo Storage.
Decks 2391-2379 Cargo Bays, Shield Generators.
Decks 2380-2300 Impulse Engines (not visible), Navigation systems, Gyrostabilizer control.
Decks 2301-2324 Shuttlebays 151-200 (can hold 10 Shuttles/Fighters each at one time.)

Decks 2325-2400 Lower Sensor/Communication Array.

Decks 2325-2340 Transporters, Lower Communication's Office, Lower Science Bay.
Decks 2341-2369 Cargo Bays, Modular Storage, Enviromental Management.
Decks 2370-2389 OPS Power Grid, Waste Management, Shield Generators.
Decks 2390-2400 Subspace Antennas, Auxiliary sensor array, Gamma Ray Telescopes.