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Classification: Starbase
Perseus Complex
Role(s): Command, Trading, Science/Research, Defense
Production Stardate(s): 2384-Present
Standard Refits: 10 Years
Recommended Overhaul: 50 Years
Expected Duration: 100 Years
Defensive Rating: 480
Offensive Rating: 214.18
Total Rating:

Section I: Dimensions

Hull: Carbon-Diburnium-Kelbonite Double Hull
Armor: None
Length: 1 km (1.8 km with arrays & dock extended)
Diameter: 1.04 km (1.32 km with arrays)
Displacement: 1,200,000 Metric Tons
Decks: 284 (excluding arrays, 3.5 m deck height)
Structural Integrity Field: Class 4 (40 Kg/Cm Hull Stress Rating)

Section II: Personnel System

Crew Compliment: 300
Officers: 100
Enlisted: 200
Civilian: 500
Maximum Compliment: 3,600
Quarters: (80) 4 person shared
(80) 2 person shared
(60) standard
(20) luxury
(20) adaptable
Medical Facilities: Type 9, Mk. IV EMH
Environmental: Basic Life Support System,
Reserve Life Support System
Emergency Life Support System
Artificial Gravity Generators
25 years replicator stock
Diplomatic Facilities:
(3) Large Conference Rooms (capacity 35-50)
(3) Small Conference Rooms (capacity 10-15)
(6) Office Suites (Ambassadorial)
Replicators: -Personal: (50) various locations
-Industrial: (10) small, (4) large
Entertainment: (10) Mess Halls, (2) Gymnasiums, (4) main lounges, (16) small lounges, arboretum, commercial suites
Holodecks/suites: (5) Holodecks
(15) Holosuites
Personal Transporters: (13) Type 6/H - standard 6-pad
Range 40,000 KM
Emergency  Transporters
(Send Only):
(50) Type 3/H - emergency 3-pad
Range 15,000 KM
Cargo Transporter: (12) Type 3/H - 400 kg
Range 40,000 KM
Translift Array:
Unique, specially designed transporter system (link pending)
Cargo Hold(s): (30) 1,000 Cubic Meter bays
(30,000 Cubic Meters total)

Section III: Propulsion & Power System

MARA Power Cores: (2) Shuventis Class 13/H (640 TJ / Second)
Orbital Thrusters: Trentis Mk. IV pulsed Reaction Control System
Auxilliary Power: (16) Scott Class 6/E Fusion Generators (290 MJ / Second each)
Emergency Power: Class F (50 MJ / Second) *not included in total output!
EPS System: Standard, minimum 95% Base Efficiency
Total Power Output: 1,220.408 TeraJoules / Second

Section IV: Operations System

Operations Location: Deck 5
Auxilliary OPS: Deck 60
Tertiary OPS: Main Engineering
Seperation System: None
Communications: Class 7/Gamma
Midas-type array attached for long-range communication
Science: (8-40) Multi-purpose labs
(2-10) Specialized labs
Computer(s): Primary:   Bio-Neural (Upper decks) - 40 Modules: 176,128 Kq
Secondary:  Bio-Neural (Middle decks) - 40 Modules: 176,128 Kq
Tertiary:   Bio-Neural (Lower decks) - 40 Modules: 176,128 Kq
Total Capacity: 528,384 KiloQuads
Sensors: Long Range: Class 8/Gamma Omni-directional
Range: 6.9 LY High Resolution, 21.85 LY Low Resolution
Lateral Sensors: Class 4/Gamma
Range: .92 LY High Resolution
Probes: 100 (mixed class)
Security: Type 5 Anti-Intruder System
(10) Brig Cells, Force Fields, Sedative gas, Auto-defense
Tractor Beams: (4) Gamma Class (2 Dome, 2 Bottom)
(8) Alpha Class (Shuttlebays)
Stealth Technology:
Hull composed partially of Kelbonite which reflects some sensors.  At long range the base would seem indistinct, tactical/targeting sensors may not always lock.

Section V: Tactical System

Phasers: (24) Type XV Arrays
-(Dome: 8 Dorsal/Ventral strips, 8 retractable Dorsal/Ventral pulse turrents)
-(Central: 4 retractable pulse turrets)
-(Bottom: 4 strips)
Phaser Output: 347,200 GigaJoules
Torpedo Launchers: (12) Type III Burst Fire Quantam
-(4 Saucer, 4 Central, 4 Bottom)
Torpedo type / Amount: (600) Mk. VIII Photon
(250) Mk. II Quantam
Translift array may be utilized as an emergency weapon.
1 'bubble' / minute, effect of a warp-speed bullet.
Shields: Theta 8/E Class
Shield Grids: (40) - Overlapping coverage
Shield Recharge Rate: Regenerative Type 5
(30% absorbed, 30 TJ / Second)
Shield Rating: 1,200 TeraJoules

Section VI: Other (Auxiliary Craft, Deck Listing)

Escape Pods: 100 (6 person pods)
Docking Ports / Shuttlebays: 4 Ports (Deck 45, 2 in use)
8 Shuttlebays (thru-deck, 2 deck-height each.  Decks 71-95)
Shuttles: Bays 1 / 5
(40) standard warp-capable
Fighters: Bays 2 / 6
(20) Fighters
Shuttlepods: Bays 3 / 7
(20) Shuttlepods
Workbees: Bays 3 / 7
(10) Workbees
Runabouts: Bays 4 / 8
(20) Various Class

Deck Listing

Dome Decks 1-50
Central Decks 51-135
Bottom Decks 136-284
(listing pending)

Section VII: Editors Notes

The Perseus Complex is located in the Outer Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, some 50,000 LY from Earth.  It was designed by Commander Nin Yen Ke (6th Fleet RPG) to suit the remote location.

The top dome composes the primary residential area, with 4 docking ports (two of which currently have the Translift and Communications array attached).

The central section holds shuttlebays, operations, diplomatic facilities and science labs.

The bottom fingers hold engineering, docking and repair facilities.  Repair facility may be 'unfolded' into a cage-like bay able to fit any vessel up to Sovereign-class in length.  In it's folded state, it can hold 3 small vessels (Nova, Defiant, Oberth, or similar).

Known Facilities in this Class:

Base Name Location Status
Perseus Complex
Outer Perseus Arm, Beta Quadrant
6th Fleet RPG