New Orleans (Mk. I)
New Orleans (Mk. II)
New Orleans (Mk. III)

Classification: Frigate
Role(s): Escort, Patrol, Defense
Shipyard(s): Utopia Planetia, Beta Antares, Rigel VI
Production Stardate(s): 2358-2369
Standard Mission: 5 Years
Recommended Overhaul: 10 Years
Defensive Rating: 40.5
Offensive Rating: 28.78
Total Rating:

Section I: Dimensions

Hull: Duranium-Tritanium Double Hull
Armor: None
Length: 345 meters
Beam (width): 246.6 meters
Draft (height): 74.64 meters
Displacement: ~900,000 Metric Tons
Decks: 18 (3.6 m / deck.  Lower pods have additional 2 decks, may be habitable dep. on type)
Structural Integrity Field: Class 4 (40 Kg/Cm Hull Stress Rating)

Section II: Personnel System

Crew Compliment: 300
Officers: 75
Enlisted: 225
Civilian: 60-100
Evacuation Limit: 3,600
Quarters: (35) 4 person shared
(50) 2 person shared
(50) standard
(25) luxury
(8) adaptable
Medical Facilities: Type 7, No EMH
Environmental: Basic Life Support System,
Reserve Life Support System
Emergency Life Support System
Artificial Gravity Generators
5 years replicator stock
Replicators: -Personal: (1) in each luxury/adaptable/standard quarters, messhall/lounge, bridge and departmental offices.
-Industrial: (4) small, (2) large
Entertainment: (2) Mess Hall, Gymnasium, (2) main lounge, (6) small lounges
Holodecks/suites: None
Personal Transporters: (4) Type 6/G - standard 6-pad
Range 40,000 KM
Emergency  Transporters
(Send Only):
(7) Type 3/G - emergency 3-pad (send only)
Range 15,000 KM
Cargo Transporter: (2) Type 6/H - 400 kg
Range 40,000 KM
Cargo Hold(s): (1) 50,000 Cubic Meter bays
(2) 25,000 Cubic Meter bays
(100,000 Cubic Meters total)

Section III: Propulsion & Power System

Warp (MARA) Engine: (1) TPG Class 11/E (540 TJ / Second)
Warp Nacelles: (2) Cochrane Type 6B3
Warp Ratings: Cruise: Warp 6
Max Cruise: Warp 9
Emergency: Warp 9.3 (12 hrs)
Impulse Engines: (3) Scott Class 5/E (240 MJ / Second)
Thrusters: Trentis Mk. III pulsed Reaction Control System
Auxilliary Power: (4) Scott Class 2/E Fusion Generators (90 MJ / Second each)
Emergency Power: Class E (45 MJ / Second) *not included in total output!)
EPS System: Standard, minimum 95% Base Efficiency
Total Power Output: 513.01 TeraJoules / Second

Section IV: Operations System

Bridge Module: Galaxy Module
Auxilliary Bridge: None (Main Engineering only)
Seperation System: None (Emergency only)
Flight Control: Grade 3 Autopilot
Navagation Computer: Class 3/Beta
Internal Damping Field: Primary: (2) Type 9
Backup:   (4) Type 6
Communications: Class 8/Beta
Science: (15) Multi-purpose labs
(2) Specialized labs (Medical, Astrometrics)
Computer(s): Primary:   Isolinear (Saucer port) - 30 Modules: 132,069 Kq
Secondary:  Isolinear (Saucer starboard) - 30 Modules: 132,069 Kq
Tertiary:   Isolinear (Engineering hull) - 30 Modules: 132,069 Kq
Total Capacity: 396,228 KiloQuads
Sensors: Long Range: Class 5/Alpha Omni-directional
Range: 5 LY High Resolution, 15 LY Low Resolution
Lateral Sensors: Class 8/Alpha
Range: 0.8 LY High Resolution
Navagational Sensors:
Type 7/Beta
Range: 3.85 LY
15 degree forward arc
Probes: 40 (mixed class)
Security: Type 4 Anti-Intruder System
(2) Brig Cells, Force Fields, Sedative gas
Tractor Beams: (2) Delta Class (Aft Ventral, Forward Ventral)
(1) Alpha Class (Shuttlebays)
Cloaking Device:

Section V: Tactical System

Phasers: (9) Type IX Arrays
(Saucer: (3 strips, 2 arrays each) - Dorsal, Ventral, Aft Dorsal.)
(Engineering: Forward Ventral, Port, Starboard)
Phaser Output: 45,000 GigaJoules
Torpedo Launchers: (2) Type V Burst Fire Photon Launchers
-(1 Forward, 1 Aft)
Torpedo type / Amount: (170) Mk. VII Photon
Shields: Eta 5/C Class
Shield Grids: (6) - Forward, Aft, Dorsal, Ventral, Port, Starboard
Shield Recharge Rate: Type 4 (4 TJ / Second)
Shield Rating: 101.25 TeraJoules

Section VI: Other (Auxiliary Craft, Deck Listing)

Escape Pods: 140 (8 person pods)
Shuttlebay(s): (1) Saucer Aft
Shuttles: (8) standard warp-capable
Fighters: (0) Fighters
Shuttlepods: (4) Shuttlepods
Utility Craft: (2) Workbees
Runabouts: (0) Various Class
Captain's Yacht: None

Deck Listing

Deck 1: Bridge, Ready Room, Briefing Room
Deck 2: (pending)
Deck 3: (pending)
Deck 4: (pending)
Deck 5: (pending)
Deck 6: (pending)
Deck 7: (pending)
Deck 8: (pending)
Deck 9: (pending)
Deck 10: (pending)
Deck 11: (pending)
Deck 12: (pending)
Deck 13: (pending)
Deck 14: (pending)
Deck 15: (pending)
Deck 16: (pending)
Deck 17: (pending)
Deck 18 (pending)

Section VII: Editors Notes

Known Ships in this Class:

Ship Name Registration Status
USS New Orleans
USS Rutledge NCC-57295 Active
USS Philadelphia
NCC-62123 Destroyed
USS Renegade
NCC-63102 Active
USS Manson
NCC-65262 Active
USS Kyushu
NCC-65491 Destroyed
USS Thomas Paine
NCC-65530 Active

Similar to the Nebula, Akira and other vessels there are modular 'pods' that attach on the hull, however the New Orleans 'pods' are unique to this class.  Two pods attach on the Dorsal saucer port and starboard, a third pod attaches on the Ventral saucer surface.  There are several pods that may be used in any arrangement desired.

Torpedo Pod (non-habitable):

(2) Type V burst fire launchers (forward / aft).
-50 Mk. VII Photon Torpedoes
** Thus a ship equipped with 3 Torpedo Pods would have a total of 8 Torpedo launchers - 6 of them from the pods.

Phaser Pod (non-habitable)
(1) Type XI Pulse Phaser (6,600 GJ output)
-20 second shot recharge

Cargo Pod (1 habitable double-height deck)
(2) 30,000 cubic meter bays

Shuttle Pod (2 habitable decks - (1) landing / launching, (1) storage / maintenance)
(1) Thru-deck shuttlebay -launching/landing and storage space for 10 fighters or equivalent size.

Sensor Pod (2 decks - control rooms)
Long Range: Type 10/Delta
High: 6 LY / Low 20 LY
25,000 substances, counters some dampening fields and cloaked objects.

Medical / Science Pod (2 habitable decks)
5-10 specialty labs or medical wards (any type)

Habitat Pod (2 habitable decks)
10 Quarters of luxury size or equivalent.