Saber (Mk. I)
Saber (Mk. II)
Saber (Mk. III)

Classification: Frigate
Role(s): Survey / Patrol / Escort / Transport
Shipyard(s): Production Ended
Production Stardate(s): 2370 - 2380
Standard Mission: 2 Years
Recommended Overhaul: 10 Years
Defensive Rating: 58.5
Offensive Rating: 10.96
Total Rating:

Section I: Dimensions

Hull: Duranium-Tritanium Double Hull
Armor: None
Length: 190 meters
Beam (width): 192.02 meters
Draft (height): 47.56 meters
Displacement: 227,000 Metric Tons
Decks: 10 (4 m per deck)
Structural Integrity Field: Class 5 (50 Kg/Cm Hull Stress Rating)

Section II: Personnel System

Crew Compliment: 40
Officers: 10
Enlisted: 30
Civilian: 0
Evacuation Limit: 480
Quarters: (0) 4 person shared
(15) 2 person shared
(8) standard
(0) luxury
(2) adaptable
Medical Facilities: Type 8, Mk. II EMH
Environmental: Basic Life Support System,
Reserve Life Support System
Emergency Life Support System
Artificial Gravity Generators
2 years replicator stock
Replicators: -Personal: (1) in each luxury/adaptable/standard quarters, messhall/lounge, bridge and departmental offices.
-Industrial: (2) small, (1) large
Entertainment: (2) Mess Halls, Gymnasium, (3) small lounges
Holodecks/suites: (0) Holodecks, (2) Holosuites
Personal Transporters: (2) Type 6/H - standard 6-pad
Range 35,000 KM
Emergency  Transporters: (5) Type 3/H - emergency 3-pad (send only)
Range 15,000 KM
Cargo Transporter: (1) Type 3/H - 400 kg
Range 20,000 KM
Cargo Hold(s): (3) 11,000 Cubic Meter bays
(33,000 Cubic Meters total)

Section III: Propulsion & Power System

Warp (MARA) Engine: (1) Utopia TPG Class 8/E (390 TJ / Second)
Warp Nacelles: (2) Cochrane Type 6O3
Warp Ratings: Cruise: Warp 6
Max Cruise: Warp 9.2
Emergency: Warp 9.9 (12 hrs)
Impulse Engines: (2) Scott Class 11/C (520 MJ / Second)
Thrusters: Trentis Mk. IV pulsed Reaction Control System
Auxilliary Power: (4) Scott Class 2/E Fusion Generators (90 MJ / Second each)
Emergency Power: Class D (40 MJ / Second) *not included in total output!)
EPS System: Standard, minimum 95% Base Efficiency
Total Power Output: 370.513 TeraJoules / Second

Section IV: Operations System

Bridge Module: Small Module
Auxilliary Bridge: None (Main Engineering only)
Separation System: None (Emergency only)
Flight Control: Grade 3 Autopilot
Navagation Computer: Class 3/Beta
Internal Damping Field: Primary: (2) Type 9
Backup:   (4) Type 6
Communications: Class 9/Alpha
Science: (8) Multi-purpose labs
(0) Specialized labs
Computer(s): Primary:   Bio-Neural (Saucer port) - 30 Modules: 132,096 Kq
Secondary:  Bio Neural (Saucer starboard) - 30 Modules: 132,096 Kq
Tertiary:   None
Total Capacity: 264,192 KiloQuads
Sensors: Long Range: Class 7/Beta Omni-directional
Range: 5.5 LY High Resolution, 18.7 LY Low Resolution
Lateral Sensors: Class 9/Gamma
Range: 1.04 LY High Resolution
Navagational Sensors: Type 7/Beta
Range: 3.85 LY
15 degree forward focus
Probes: 60 (mixed class)
Security: Type 4 Anti-Intruder System
(3) Brig Cells, Force Fields, Sedative gas
Tractor Beams: (2) Delta Class (Aft Ventral, Forward Dorsal)
(1) Alpha Class (Shuttlebays)
Cloaking Device:

Section V: Tactical System

Phasers: (6) Type IX Arrays in 3 strips
-(Saucer: Port/Starboard Dorsal, Ventral forward)
Phaser Output: 30,000 GigaJoules
Torpedo Launchers: (2) Type I Burst Fire Quantam Launchers
-(Forward, Aft)
Torpedo type / Amount: (60) Mk. VII Photon, (40) Mk. I Quantam
Shields: Zeta 5/E Class
Shield Grids: (6) - Forward, Aft, Dorsal, Ventral, Port, Starboard
Shield Recharge Rate: Type 4 (4 TJ / Second)
Shield Rating: 117.0 TeraJoules

Section VI: Other (Auxiliary Craft, Deck Listing)

Escape Pods: 108 (4 person pods) *count from schematic
Shuttlebay(s): (1) forward saucer
Shuttles: (5) standard warp-capable
Fighters: None
Shuttlepods: (2) various sublight
Workbees: (1) Sphinx Class
Runabouts: None
Captain's Yacht: None

Deck Listing

Deck 1: Bridge, Ready Room, CO's Quarters, XO's Quarters, XO's Office, Briefing Room, Observation Lounge, Project Control, Impulse Control Room, Auxiliary Deflector Control, Impulse Engines (upper)
Deck 2: Sickbay, Medical Labs, Computer Cores (upper), Senior Officer's Quarters, Mess Hall, Observation Lounge, Lateral Sensors, Impulse Engines (lower), Shared Quarters
Deck 3: Transporter Room 1, Phaser Control, Torpedo/Probe storage, Main Security / Brig, Computer Core (middle), Science Labs, Replicator Stock, Cargo Bay 1
Deck 4: Shared Quarters, Aux. Deflector, Gymnasium, Phaser Control, Science Labs, Holosuites 1&2, Torpedo Launcher, Torpedo/Probe storage, Computer Core (lower), Cargo Bay 2&3, Shuttlebay, Crew Lounge, Waverider Docking Port
Deck 5: Warp Core (upper), Deflector Control, Main Deflector (upper), Replicator Stock, Shared Quarters, Deuterium Tanks, Shuttle Maintenance
Deck 6: Main Deflector (mid), Senior Officer's Quarters, Transporter Room 2, Warp Core (mid), Main Engineering (upper), Shared Quarters, Cargo Bay 4, Auxiliary Power Cores
Deck 7: Warp Core (lower), Main Engineering, Engineering Briefing Room, Engineer's Mess, Industrial Replicator, Cargo Transporter, Aft Tractor Emitter
Deck 8: Warp Core Ejection system, Forward Tractor Emitter, Antimatter Pods
Nacelles: Control Room, Access crawlspaces

Section VII: Editors Notes

Upgraded version of the Mk. I.  The primary changes are to weapons and power systems.