Even in the year 2383, there are still ailments suffered by everyone. Below are just the known ones. There can be alot more that aren't listed because they may not be known or are less common.


Altairian Encephalitis
Retro-virus that incorporates its DNA directly into the cells of its host, lying dormant for many years before becoming active and subjecting the host to a coma and delirium for days. This inactivity erases through synapse degradation all memory back to the point of infection. Apparently Klingons are immune to this infection.

Loss of memory, whether permanent or temporary. see also Hysterical amnesia; Lacunar amnesia.

Anchilles Fever
A devastating, highly contagious disease. The vaccine is very rare. In fact, it is found only on planet Ligon II.

Andronesian Encephalitis
An airborn, mildly contagious virulent disease that is easily treated.

Nominally a perceptual dysfunction in which aural and visual stimuli, as well as other communication and comprehension functions, are incorrectly processed by the brain. Typically aphasia is associated with cranial trauma, such as a stroke or severe blow to the head, but there are some spontaneous afflictions on record.

Barclay's Photomorphosis Syndrome
Causes those contracting the disease to regress to an earlier form of their species development. Cured only by creating a vaccine from an amniotic fluid base.

Bendii's Syndrome
A rare, usually fatal disease that afflicts Vulcans over the age of 200, debilitating their emotional control; there is no known treatment. Early symptoms include sudden bursts of emotion, especially irrational anger, but the only way to prove a diagnosis is to grow a culture from tissue of the metathalamus -- a process which takes several days. The telepathic abilities of Vulcans are strong enough to cause the loss of control to be projected onto others.

Disease unleashed on the Teplan civilization by the conquering Jem'Hadar. Sufferers showed blue welts and lesions once they contracted the disease, but they began to die once the welts turn red in a phase known as "the quickening." Cured by Dr. Julian Bashir in 2372.

Bubonic Plague
A highly contagious disease transmitted to humans by fleas from rats. Killed millions of Terrans during the Human Middle Ages.

Cartalian fever
Bashir mentions this deadly virus while Jake was thinking that an outbreak of this virus would be just the thing to liven up his article on the doctor.

Celeibric Hemorrhage
A blood discharge associated with some aspect of Cardassian anatomy.

A fear of closed or small spaces.

Post prandial distension of the upper abdomen.

Cygnian respiratory diseases
Dax caught Bashir boning up on them in preparation for Dr. Elizabeth Lense's visit.

Darney's Disease
An incurable terminal disease which attacks the brain and central nervous system; symptoms visible by its final stage include coughing, pain, shortness of breath, and irritability and other erratic behavior.

A psychological condition symptomatic of mild schizophrenia of split personality.

Dorek syndrome
A rare, incurable, fatal disease which strikes one out of every five million Ferengi. Quark was diagnosed with it while on Ferenginar; but the diagnosis turned out to be false.

A mental dysfunction literally meaning "conversion into the opposite." A good example of this would be the case of Timothy (lone survivor of the destruction of the Vico) who adopted the emotionless persona of an android to cope with the loss of his parents.

The after-affects of imbibing too much alcohol; characterized by a headache, nausea, dry mouth and blurred vision.

Hesperan Thumping Cough
A particularly bad respiratory ailment.

Literally, "holodeck addiction"; the condition of preferring Holographic fantasies to reality.

Hysterical Amnesia
A mental safety valve to block the memory of something too painful to remember.

Irisine Syndrome
A coma induced by mental stress.

Iverson's Disease
A debilitating muscular disease with no known cure. There are also no known cases of remission.

Kalla-Nohra Syndrome
A chronic pulmonary disease unique to individuals, both Bajoran and Cardassian, who survived a particular mining accident at the Cardassian Forced Labor camp on Gallitep.

Lacunar Amnesia
Forgetfulness of specific incidents.

Levodian Flu
A virus whose infectious cycle takes 29 hours to complete.

A degenerative and incurable blood disease caused by exposure to metreon isotopes which attacks victims on the molecular level and may lie dormant for years. Once manifested, it causes a victim's atomic structure to undergo fission and the cells subsequently disintegrate.

Morphogenic Virus
A virus engineered by Star Fleet Intelligence ("Section 31") with the intent of killing the Founders. The primary symptom is a decreasing ability to shapeshift, accompanied by pain and peeling skin; the progress is accelerated by frequent shapeshifting and in the final stage of the disease, the Changeling cannot revert back to liquid state and will die in solid form. The cure for the disease contains a nucleotide marking sequence consisting of adanine, asporadine, lytastolanine, and radanine.

mutagenic retrovirus
A biological weapon which the Regent of Palamar wanted to use against General Nassuc's native city. He dealt with Hagath to obtain some; Quark claimed their supplier had already sold all he had.

Neural Depletion
Complete loss of electrochemical energy within a humanoid brain leading to death.

Neural Metaphasic Shock
A potentially and often fatal failure of the entire neurological system in a humanoid.

Omega 10 Virus
An airborne virus native to Omega 10, it dehydrates the human body, reducing it to a crystalline form. The planet itself provides immunity, and enough time spent on the planet will lead to the death of the virus.

Orket's Disease
A childhood virus that swept through Bajoran work camps during the Occupation. Thousands of Bajoran children were killed.

A mental disorder characterized by an abnormal suspicion of persecution.

Pottrik syndrome
A disease similar to Kalla-Nohra syndrome, which Marritza at first claimed to have.

Psi-2000 Virus
A complex water-carbon molecule which is transmitted by touch and affects the body like alcohol. May be caused by gravitational fluctuations.

Psychotropic Addiction
An addiction perpetuated by an effect directly on brain cells.

The terminal stage of the Blight. Symptoms include the turning of the blue skin lesions to red; toward the end, the victim is weak and prone to muscle spasms, all accompanied by extreme pain.

Rigellian Fever
A highly contagious disease resembling the Bubonic Plague. It can be fatal within 24 hours. The only known antidote is Rytalin.

Rugelan fever
A disease which causes a deep coma in Trills; Dax recalled Audrid sitting by her daughter Nema's bedside when Nema contracted it.

Sakuro's Disease
A rare disease found only only Epsilon Canaris III, it resembles leukemia. The first critical stage is a high fever. Red corpuscules die, an infection develops, respiration becomes difficult, and blood pressure drops. Eventually, delirium sets in and death follows shortly thereafter.

Somatophysical Failure
The collapse of all bodily systems in humanoid physiology.

Stockhom Syndrome
The mental condition that causes children to be highly devoted to abusive parents.

Streptacochlial-bola-spongiform-diadinate (Zintels Disease)
A virus that eats away at the body by traveling along the nervous system and blood vessels. It attacks only bodies with certain "T"cells common to all species. The body is unable to fight off infection and normal antidotes are ineffective. Placing the patient in stasis has little or no discernable effects. Incubation period is between 2 -8 days then the first symptoms appear. Symptioms include: Sneezing, Shortness of breath, Red-Blue-Green spots, Blurring vision, Hallucinations, Increased aggression, illogical activity, Loss of motor control, Paranoia and Delusions of Grandeur. In later stages the patient has weeping sores that expand, this can take anything from a few days to three weeks to occur. In the final stage the victim displays remarkable logic and clear thoughts almost tripling their intelligence. This stage lasts no more than forty minutes before the patient convulses and dies. The body then disintegrates to a mushy pulp and after twenty minutes leaves no traces.

Symbalene Blood Burn
A fast-acting plague.

Synthococcus Novae
A deadly bacillus strain, the virulent product of an asceptic, sterile population. Spreads fast, but can be immunized against.

Tarchannen III Transformation
A change in physiology caused by a parasitic infection. A person is transformed into a three-fingered being that is invisible to the naked eye and dislikes light. With the use of ultraviolet light, they can be seen as black beings with bright blue veins. The parasite is thought to be a seed, a type of reproduction for the species. The parasite can be surgically removed.

Tahiti Syndrome
20th century Terran term for one who wishes to leave a complicated, high pressure life behind in favor of a simple, idyllic life in a remote location, such as a desert island.

Transporter Psychosis
Causes an imbalance in the chemicals of the humanoid brain. Results in severe paranoia, hallucinations and eventual death. There is no known cure.

Tsiolkovsky Infection
A waterborne viral infection that acts as a depressant on the body's neural system, lowering inhibitions by acquiring carbon from the body and acting on the brain as an intoxicant.

Tuvan syndrome
A degenerative, incurable neurological disease which affects mainly Vulcans, Romulans, and Rigellians. In the very early stages, the patient's eyelids are slightly displaced, facial muscles are weakened, and respiration is irregular. Loss of motor skills occurs in 10-15 years; life expectancy is 20-25 years. In less than 5% of cases, the disease can accelerate without warning.

Vegan Choriomeningitis
An inflammation of brain tissues. It is virulent and usually fatal within 24 hours if left untreated.

Fear or hatred of all things foreign or alien.

A deadly disease characterized by an excess number of red blood cells in the blood. Patients suffering from this disease can live at least a year with proper treatment.

Yarim-Fel Syndrome
A terminal illness affecting Cardassians; it attacks the digestive tract, circulatory and respiratory systems, and cartilaginous tissues. It can be treated with hexagen therapy or neuro-regeneration procedures, but there is apparently no cure.

Zanthi Fever
A virus which affects the empathic abilities of older Betazoids, causing them to project their own emotions onto others in close proximity during such an attack, manifested as a passing headache. The emotion only takes hold in subjects where a latent propensity in that direction was present; a simple wide-spectrum anti-viral agent is enough to cure it; the effect on others fades in a day or two.