There are all kinds of medicines used to help with different ailement. Below is a list of some of the most common used.


Biochemical substance; a neuro-transmitter that promotes the propagation of electrical impulses from one nerve cell to another in carbon-based life.

A substance which may be pumped through the life support systems of a starship as a fast-acting stimulant.

This is an inhalant that can be used as a general anesthetic, but is more often used by Security as an intruder control measure.

This substance is used as a pain-killer for muscle spasms.

A powerful sedative. Can also be used as an anesthetic.

An anti-arrhythmic used to regulate some heart conditions. Benzocyatizine 24, 25, 39 A drug used by Trill doctors to stimulate falling isoboramine levels in joined Trills to avoid late rejection of the symbiont. It can be administered in small doses, approximately 2 ccs for a crisis situation.

Cerebus II
An illegal "deaging" drug which radically changes cellular structure and rewrites DNA. The effects are not fully known or understood.

A medication for exposure and hypothermia.

A cardio-stimulatory drug used where Inaprovaline is ineffective or may cause allergic reactions. It is usually used in concert with cardial and neural stimulators for additional benefits.

A potent stimulant that will usually revive a stunned or unconscious patient completely, used in Starfleet medical practice since at least the 2260's. Cordrazine is "tricky stuff" - overdose can lead to delusional paranoia, and the drug is addictive. A dose of 25ccs is considered to be a deadly dosage. Just 1cc can bring someone to consciousness. It is usually used only as a last resort in life-threatening situations, as too much may cause a severe mental imbalance, irritability and paranoia.

A general purpose antibiotic. It has minimal side effects and is non-addictive.

Used to treat a wound inflicted by a compressor beam weapon.

A strong stimulant. It is often found in standard medkits.

This drug makes the user more likely to believe anything that they are told. Its use has been superseded by more effective memory blockers.

A deadly poison, it kills with great pain and leaves the victim with blue splotches.

A mild stimulant.

A common stimulant with few side effects. Most often used to stabilize a patient undergoing seizures or shock. It is mildly addictive.

Desegranine 36
A drug used by the Obsidian Order to erase the memory block imposed on its agents in case of capture. It usually works within hours.

This is used to treat oxygen deprivation.

This is a powerful neuroinhibitor used for painless euthanasia.

An anti-toxin

A powerful narcotic substance. Normal dosage is one-hundreth millimeter. Sold to the Onarans by the Brekkians for hundreds of years as a "medicine."

A common stimulant that can cause irritability with prolonged use (more than three days). Otherwise, it has the same effects as Delactovine.

A powerful general purpose antibiotic.

A biochemical substance produced by the breakdown of histidine, an amino acid found in humanoid tissues. The body produces histamine when it comes in contact with substances to which the body is sensitized, and is a primary factor in the humanoid allergic response.

Stops bleeding very quickly. This is unnecessary when using Anabolic Protoplasers, although a version of this drug for localized use on wounds in the field may exist.

This medication protects against radiation sickness. One dose halves the effective amount of radiation received, and a second dose further halves that, and so on. Each dosage beyond the first risks Hyronalyn poisoning, which could lead to permanent damage.

A highly unstable substance not carried onboard Federation vessels, but the only known substance capable of neutralizing poisonous tricyanate.

A cardio-stimulatory drug that can also be used to stabilize a weak but living patient's condition.

A caffeine-like substance, with similar effects.

A treatment used for cranial trauma, following up use of an osteogenic stimulator on the fracture. A typical dose is 2 ccs.

A neuro-transmitter-like chemical found in Trills that is essential to the link between host and symbiont.

This drug causes immediate unconsciousness and the patient will remain asleep for 1-6 hours.

A general resuscitative used to treat neural metaphasic shock.

A neurotransmitter inhibitor. This drug temporarily diminishes intelegence, but each dose also makes psychic and psionic intrusions harder. Lexorin can also calm excited or agitated patients. In greater dosages than 3 in 24 hours, the patient also begins to lose manual dexterity, as the Central Nervous System begins to lose control of voluntary functions. Lexorin is mildly addictive, and causes the patient to feel overconfident and happy. Magnesite-Nitron Tablet This small tablet, when crushed, provides emergency illumination and heat through a bright flame. Usually carried as part of an emergency medical field kit, the tablets could also be employed for ignition of a larger fire, heating of food or sterilization of water.

A powerful stimulant, sometimes used to combat the effects of other drugs. Side-effect: stomachache.

A deprssant which causes a patient to lose consciousness. Found in most Federation medical facilities. Side-effect: may cause patient to turn a bright yellow hue, especially in the Vulcan species.

This drug causes immediate unconsciousness. The patient will remain asleep for 3-8 hours.

Memory Blockers
These are used to permanently block specific memories in a patient. This is useful if a patient has seen something unpleasant, or has been exposed to information that may violate the Prime Directive.

This drug stimulates the users memory. It allows the user to attempt to remember something that has been forgotten.

Cardiac anti-arrhythmic. Similar to Benjisidrine.

A general resuscitative used most often to treat neural metaphasic shock when a patient's blood pressure is too low to use the standard remedy, leporazine.

Puts patients into deep, dreamless sleep for 3-18 hours.

Mylar II
With reconstructive surgery it is possible to conceal a person's true race. However reconstructive surgery on an entire platoon or company is not always an option time or facilities wise. The drug, Mylar II, causes the top layers of skin and flesh to become more pliable. Thus with Mylar II injections a human could easily appear to be a Romulan or Vulcan. There is a limit to what these injections can do. A Mylar II Cardassian would take a few hours, be quite painful and require the use of some prostectics. None of these disguises will fool a medical tricorder or a very detailed inspection. These disguises may also require some form of makeup to be complete.

Neo-Dextraline Solution
Used to treat dehydration.

This drug is an antidote for nerve poison.

Biochemicals secreted by many carbon based life forms, whose scent affects the behavior of other members of the same or similar species. Certain pheromones control the degree of sexual attractiveness attributed to an individual.

This drug cleanses the user's systems of foreign biochemicals, and neutralizes active drugs (including recreational drugs and alcohol) within minutes.

This drug gives the user double strength and and berserker rage for 10-60 minutes. This drug is considered unethical by Federation standards.

This drug can be used as a tranquilizer, a pain killer and a sedative. All is depending on the dose administered.

The only known cure to Rigelian Fever.

This is an experimental neurotransmitter enhancer which increases the patients health, strength and dextarity every 15 seconds, but decreases intellegence by a similar amount. Users also temporarily gain the overconfidence and a high pain threshold. This drug is considered unethical by the Federation.

Sleeper pills
Standard issue in most Federation medical facilities, they are strictly under the control of the Chief Medical Officer.

A mild stimulant that will revive an unconscious or stunned patient. It has no major side effects and is non-addictive. However, patients quickly develop a tolerance to it. Each time Stokaline is not effective, all future uses on that patient will be less. This effect is permanent and cumulative.

A naturally occuring drug used to cure choriocytosis.

Slows down all biological functions. This is similar to the Stasis Field. In sickbays, a Stasis Field is used.

A poisonous compound; a number of substances found on a starship can be toxic. Tetralubisol, a milky, highly volatile lubricant, is toxic. Phaser Coolant is also toxic to most races.

A refined version of Cordrazine that lacks the delusional paranoia side effects, but will not revive as well. It is still addictive.

Tri-Ox Compound
This drug helps to provide oxygen to blood in thin atmospheres, or in cases of oxygen starvation.

Tryptophan-Lysine distillates
These are more powerful antibiotics. They add to the effective health of the patient, but at the cost of a slightly Fatigued state that lasts until the treatments end.

An experimental drug designed to increase blood supply to the humanoid organs, although 22% of it's test cases developed severe damage to the lungs, kidneys and heart -- and even the brain.

Venus Drug
Highly illegal. A red capsule which gives humans "more of whatever they have."

Combats vertigo. Only one dose will have effect in a 24 hour period. It has no side effects.

A drug found only on Ardana which is known to cure certain biological plagues. Raw zienite emits an odorless, colorless gas that retards the intellect and stimulates violence.