18 Aug 2398



Ranks listed are the ideal for that position. An individual possessing one rank below the rank listed may hold that position in an 'acting' capacity until he or she is promoted or replaced.


* This position may only be held by an officer.

* This position may only be held by an NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer).

* This position is discretionary, and may not be found on all vessels and outposts.

Chief Diplomatic Officer (CDO)

The Diplomatic Officer of each vessel/base must be familiar with a variety of areas: history, politics, economics, and military, and understand how they affect potential threats. A wide range of operations can occur in response to these areas and threats. These operations occur within three general states of being: peacetime competition, conflict and war.

S/he must be equally flexible and demonstrate initiative, agility, depth, synchronisation, and improvisation to provide responsive legal services to his/her CO as well a diplomatic advise on current status of an Alien Species both aligned and non aligned to the Federation

Rank/Rate Requirements for position:

Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)*

Diplomatic Aide

S/he responds to the Ship's/Base's Chief Diplomatic Officer, and is required to be able to stand in and run the Diplomatic Department as required should the Chief Diplomatic Officer be absent for any reason. The Aide must there for be versed in all Diplomatic information regarding the current status of the Federation and its aligned and non aligned neighbours.

Rank/Rate Requirements for position:

Officer: Ensign (ENS)*