18 Aug 2398



Ranks listed are the ideal for that position. An individual possessing one rank below the rank listed may hold that position in an 'acting' capacity until he or she is promoted or replaced.


* This position may only be held by an officer.

* This position may only be held by an NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer).

* This position is discretionary, and may not be found on all vessels and outposts.

Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO)

Intelligence Officers are either naval or marine personnel. They are members of the Command Team with a responsibility to advise the commanding officer of a starship, facility or specialist unit (like a Fighter Group or Marine Detachment) with intelligence deemed appropriate by said Officer for the decision-making process. - Intelligence Officers have a higher security clearance than a standard Fleet Officer; the burden of responsibility lies with them to reveal what information is deemed necessary with regards to the mission's parameters. For example, an Intelligence Officer may receive reports on Cardassia, Romulus and Qo'noS; if the ship is involved with a mission into Klingon space, there is no need for them to disclose the other information.

Rank/Rate Requirements for position:

Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)*

Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officers assist the Chief Intelligence Officer in gathering, analysing and reporting on all pertinent information obtain before, during and after operations.

Rank/Rate Requirements for position:

Officer: Ensign (ENS)*