The Chief Science Officer is responsible for all the scientific data the ship/facility collects, and the distribution of such data to specific sections within the department for analysis. He is also responsible with providing the ship's captain with scientific information needed for command decisions.

he also is a department head and a member of the Senior Staff and responsible for all the crew members in his department and duty rosters.


The Asst. Chief Science Officer assists the Chief Science Officer in all areas, such as administration, and analysis of scientific data. The Asst. often takes part in specific analysis of important data along with the Chief Science Officer, however spends most time overseeing current projects and the section heads.


There are several general and specialist Science Officers aboard each vessel. They are assigned to their duties by the Chief Science Officer and his/her Assistant. Assignments include work in their specialty, as well as duties for the Chief and Asst. Specialists may be in charge of a specific lab onboard, such as Astrometrics.

She answers to the Chief and Asst. Chief Science Officer.

Specializations include but are not limited to: Stellar Cartography, Biology, Physics, Languages, Astrometrics, Anthropology, History, Chemistry, Meteorology, Geology and Archaeology.


The Scientistıs Mate trains and supervises Science crewmen in departmental operations, repairs, and protocols; maintains duty assignments for all Science personnel; supervises all specimen preparation, cataloguing, and storage; and is qualified to temporarily act as Chief Science Officer if so ordered.

The Scientistıs Mate reports to the Asst. Chief Science Officer.