Welcome to Sixth Fleet's Strategic Security Corps manifest. The Strategic Security Corps is managed by the Strategic Commander with the assistance of specialized personnel.

Strategic Security Corps Headquarters Staff
Command Team
Strategic Commander Trajila Korvana
Deputy Commander Graham Pallett
Command Master Chief Robert LaReaux
Advisors Without Corps Positions
Advisor Piotr Mierzejewski
Security Division
Assistant Commander
Fleet Master-at-Arms
Director, Criminal Investigations Dmitri Tankara
Director, Unit Security Operations Dennis Griffin
Director, Corrections & Rehabilitation
Tactical Division
Assistant Commander
Fleet Gunner's Mate
Director, Unit Operations
Director, Strategic Operations
Director, Tactical Intelligence James Xavier
Aerospace Division
Assistant Commander
Fleet Quartermaster
Fleet Aviation Boatswain's Mate
Director, Conn Operations
Director, Fighter Operations
JAG Division
Fleet Judge Advocate
Fleet Legalman