31 Mar 2399


Sixth Fleet Academy

Sixth Fleet offers its members an extensive basic training and many expansion courses in the Sixth Fleet Academy with instructors who have been doing this for years.

We have course material for people of various levels of experience with play-by-email role-playing, designed to get the novice into the game as quickly as possible while properly equipping them with the skills they need, and to give the experienced player an extensive knowledge base with which to improve their gameplay.

The basic training consists of three lessons, each with their own assignments. Our instructors will judge the progress of each cadet individually, be there for them to help out at every step and answer any question they might have.

Our expansion courses focus on the duties that come with every job available on a play-by-email simulation, one for each department.

Finally, our command school courses provide an in-depth training for people striving to become game managers of their own simulations within Sixth Fleet. Everything that future executive and commanding officers need to know is tought to them in extensive lessons designed to make command staff material out of every single eligible player.