31 Mar 2399


Frequently asked questions. And our answers.

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Who are we? Where did Sixth Fleet come from? Where are we going?

Sixth Fleet was once known as Tango Fleet - the renowned PBeM community that was looked up to as an innovator and trend setter by other fleets out there.

In the summer of 2006, after a long period of stagnation, the Tango Fleet community underwent some drastic changes to give more control to our game managers and enhance the gameplay experience for our members.

During this process it was also decided to change the name to Sixth Fleet, in order to set us apart from what at that point was a proud history but also something that - as histories tend to do - lay in the past. Our eyes are firmly set on the future.

What is it that sets us apart from all the others?

Quality and Innovation. These aren't merely words for us. They are our most basic tenets. After re-founding the community as Sixth Fleet, we made it our goal to get back to where our predecessor Tango Fleet was ten years ago: to be the innovator and trend setter other play-by-email fleets look up to and strive to be like. To boldly go where no one has gone before.