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All website coding and graphic design by Moritz Kraft using PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and the open-source image manipulation program GIMP. For server-side logic the open-source PHP framework Symfony was used, for client-side logic the open-source Javascript tool-kit jQuery and several jQuery plugins.

Some design elements are based on Michael Okuda's LCARS and the free Fluid Theme by MetaLab Design.

The web fonts used on this website are League Gothic, an open-source font by The League Of Moveable Type, and Trek Classic, a free font downloaded from eknp.com.

Rank insignia are courtesy of Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG.

Memory Zeta is powered by MediaWiki. All content in Memory Zeta is a product of the Sixth Fleet community at large, and is listed under the GNU Public Licence GPL.

Corps and Bureaus websites were designed and built by Garraty Group, Ltd. Content and updates are provided by the staff of each Corps or Bureau.

Simulation banners and icons as well as each simulation's website are the responsibility of that simulation's commanding officer. Proper credit for simulation websites can often be found on the respective website.

Legal information

Star Trek, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine are registered trademarks of CBS Paramount Corporation. All references to Star Trek and the Star Trek genre, both text and otherwise, are made without intent to claim of ownership. No trademark or copyright infringement is intended.

The Sixth Fleet website, with the exception of individual simulation websites and the Corps & Bureaus websites, was designed and built by Written Games in Komodo Edit and previewed in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Linux and Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows.

All images used on the Sixth Fleet website except those credited otherwise in the section above were created by Written Games.

This website is hosted by Written Games, and was brought online on 7th August 2010. The main domain name is www.sixth-fleet.com.

Plenty of animals were harmed in the making of this website, mostly tasty chicken and delicious pigs. A possibly unhealthy amount of fine Scottish Single Malt Whisky was consumed as well - we highly recommend it when browsing this site, too!